Face Off with Emperious
The First Son is The Last to Fall

With nothing stopping the players from reaching Emperious’s throne room they prepared themselves for a fight before entering. As they opened the door They realized how big this room is. Next to Aetherious’s throne room this had to be the biggest one. The room was vacant besides a rectangular object floting about 20ft high. On that platform stood Emperious. His stature was huge and intimidated some of the players from the start. As the players began to venture further into the room Emprious started to speak to them.
“What are you doing here?

Garagan walked up and began to talk to Emperious. When Gargan realized that the conversation was going nowhere he decided to try and taunt him off of his floating throne. Emperious acknowledged the attempt and came back at Gargan with his own taunt. After a few more failed attempts to try and get him off of his throne the party decided to go to him. Only Taurnos, Azula, and Gargan were able to get up by themseleves. The rest of the party was helped up by someone that was already up there. Now in Emperious’s face Gargan tries to initiate combat. After mulitlpe fiald attempts Emperious swats Gargan across the room. As Gargan walks his way back to the platform and back onto it the rest of the players prepared themselves. Gargans next attack was able to pierce the Titans armor and do damage. With that the fight had begun.

At first Emperious was slow and used his brute strength. The Players were able to use that to their advantage by keeping 3 of them close to him as targets while the rest used ranged attacks. Emperious is no fool and jumped off the platform. He shed some of his armor and looked like a new creation. This form was a bit slimmer and had magical abilities. Emperious lost his left arm with the change, but gained a cannon in its replace. He points his now cannon for an appendage and fires it at his own throne. The blast was one of the biggest the players have seen yet. Only Sterling, Vivi, and Historia were not hit. The platform still floating, was now in two separate pieces. The players hit by the blast now laid on floor on top of rubble. Historia and Sterling went in for the attack while Vivi revived the rest of the team.

With the team back to life they all charged Emperious. The mad dash from all the players was enough to take him down. The crash from Emperious was massive. His body melted and the players were unable to obtain an armor set from him. At that moment due to their faith and their achievements in battle, the player’s gods/goddess bestowed upon them a portion of their powers. Each one was given a unique and powerful ability that they may use once a day if needed to. With this new power the group now felt like taking on Aetherious would not be such an impossible feat. Once they were done fully comprehending the powers that wer just given to them they see that a back door opened up. They went through it and found a room with dead bodies all over.

In the center of the room was a dagger made of bone. After a few look overs they couldn’t see it to be anything more then just a normal dagger. When sterling picked it up it nicked him and he began to bleed. As he did a demon appeared from the dagger.
“Thank you from releasing me from this prison. Now you will take my place in this dagger for all of eternity.”
The group quickly came to Sterling’s aid and began a new fight with this demon. The players instantly used their new powers when seeing how fast this demon was. Their new powers being used all at once quickly became too much for the demon to handle and was quickly defeated and sent back into the dagger. Vivi quickly though of an idea to use this dagger on an enemy. The demon would then be an ally for some time. If he is the one to get the final blow on the enemy we now know we can take him down as well. So the dagger was given to Krallice due to his expertise in daggers. With only Aetherious now in their way. The players can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but for at least one of them, they wont make it to that light.

The final wing of the Iron Fortess
The royal guards of Emperious

Taking down the wonder twins was no easy task, but since then the players have had some time to relax. They went around searching rooms but didn’t find much. Eventually they came across a room with 4 chests in them. Eager for treasure they quickly began fighting over themselves to see who would get to open them. Vivi opens the first one and finds a ring. When she puts it on it allowed her to preform a certain spell twice per turn. As the group fought over the next chest, Sterling went to open it and failed. Krallice then tried that same chest and opened it. Inside was a demon lord that was trapped in this realm by Aetherious. For letting him go he branded Krallice with his mark. All damage done by Krallice now has + 2 dark damage attached to it. Gargan won the next chest and found a special crossbow that shoots harpoons. With only 1 chest left and still a few member yet to receive something, the remaining players tried to find a fair way to decide. Sterling’s ambition got the best of him and he went for another shot. Failing a second time he became frustrated and gave up trying. Azula was given the last chest. She was able to open it and inside found a ring that granted her immunity from any form of acid damage. After that the players left the room and continued on with there search.

They cam across a huge room. There was a door on each end of the room and was connected to an even further room. IN the back room they found the aetherium forge. 4 scientists surrounded the forge. They were converting any item/person they were able to get there hands on. A figure from the side of the room approached the group. It was a mechanical bird being.
“I am apart of the royal guards of Emperious. Do not come any closer to the forge or prepare to die.”
Sterling approached the guard and struck a deal with her. If she could take 1 of his weapons and get them to dip it for him that in return he would leave peacefully. She accepted the deal and upgraded his weapon within the forge. Seeing how well that worked Taurnos decided to give it a shot. When he was rejected the scene turned violent. Another guard appeared from the right side of the room and joined in on the fight. Remembering his deal with the guards Sterling took a few steps back and tried to avoid the conflict, Before He knew it one of the guards was in Sterling’s face attacking him. Upset with them not holding on their side of the deal he joined in on the fight. The two guards were no match for the overwhelming force of the group. After the fight Taurnos was able to pick up one of their weapons. A giant scythe that is capable of decapitating enemies. Taurnos went up to each individual scientist and intimidated them =. Trying to get the same treatment to his weapon that Sterling got. In the end without the guard there to tell them what to do they were motionless now. There was no reason to stay there any longer. They continued on with there exploration until they stumbled upon the thrown room of the royal guard’s general. Platinum_Angel.jpg
Her name was Platinious. She was already informed about her guards and could tell from some of their armors that they have defeated the other sons. Her only concern was will we go after Emperious? Without hesitation Krallice ran in and tried attacking the guard on the left of Platinious. His attacked missed and gave the enemy an attack of opportunity. As quickly as He ran into battle, he was taken out. Taurnos charges at the other guard. Catching him at the right time Taurnos cuts the guard’s head clean off. Angry at Taurnos, Platinious made him the first target. Gargan and Azula quickly came to the aid of Taurnos. The rest of the group focused on the other guard. Platnious showed off impressive power. Her sword was able to heal her and preform AOE’s. While her shield encased her in a bubble that nullified damage. When the other guard dropped and Platinious was left to fight alone, the group knew that they had this. When she was defeated Gargen picked up her shield, Sterling found her sword, and Historia took her armor. With the royal guards defeated there was nothing in the way from them and Emperious, the first son.

Taurnos is MVP of the session

The key masters are double trouble
Wonder twins and the power of the orbs

With another Son of Aetherious down the players now have a second to breath. As Historia puts on her new armor Vivi checks the remaining parts of the body. She finds that this body unlike the other 2 did not have the crystals needed to unlock the portal door. The players check their map and see that there is a room that looks like it could of been his throne room right down the hall they were in. When they get inside they see a pair of constructs. These ones were special though. They were a different kind of construct then the rest they have seen so far.


While Gargen tried talking to the constructs and trying to find out information from them, he soon realized that this path was not going to work. To get those crystals they would have to take down both constructs. As the players started to attack the wonder twins began to charge up crystals in their hands. One was red while the other was blue. Not knowing what they did the players were weary of getting too close. Only a turn later and one of the twins disappeared. As the Agro turned on to the other twin, the first twin reappears with a different charged crystal ready to go. This one was white. All of a sudden both twins had regained health, and a lot of it.

Gargan was able to draw agro towards him from on of the wonder twins. Keeping that one relatively in place. While the rest of the group focused on the other one. Taurnos felt that Gargan couldn’t take on his alone and swooped in to help him fight. The two twins regrouped and were able to push away the players. They began charging two orbs. 1 of them was a brand new one. A black one. As the players got closer it was only in vain. The wonder twins fused their orbs together to create a bigger gray orb. The blast of this orb wiped out most of the players. leaving only Vivi, Urgg, and Historia alive.

With only those 3 remaining the began trying to heal other players while continuously doing damage to the wonder twins. As each player was revived they helped others. Most were too enraged to heal themselves anymore then what they received from others, and went straight in for the attack. Whether it was a bold move or a stupid move it seemed to have worked for the players. They were able to take down one of the twins. As the players now took time to heal the other twin took time to absorb its brother. When the players saw the actions transpire they began to attack. At this point it seemed too late. Although the twin was nearing death and could never come back from the fight it now had the upper hand. It had 2 fully charged orbs in his hand. Making that big grey orb again he shot down the players hard. Only Vivi and Urgg survived. Remembering how grateful her deity was last time she prayed to her in combat, she did it again. Just like before she came down and graced them with her presence. She blasts the lone wonder twin to pieces and heals the party.

The players begin picking up the orbs that constructs used. While trying to figure it out they couldn’t do it. By mistake Historia figured it out and shot a laser at the wall net to us that did corrosive damage. Sterling found the crystal keys and gave them to historia to hold. The players decided to call it a day their and take rest. You never know whats lurking inside the Iron Fortress.

Vivi was MVP of the session

Out of the frying pan and into the fire
Can the jailbirds take down Static Shock?

After a run in with Aetherious himself the players find themselves locked away behind bars. Due to Gargan being a construct himself they did not put him in a cell, but chained his hands and legs to a wall. The trip seemed to hit Sterlng an Urgg hard because both were knocked out cold. Some of the players stared at the giant Minotaur that helped them against the fight with Aetherious. many were impressed with his strength, but taken back as to how little he knew about where he was or even where he came from. Krallice explained how he wound up with the party. He talked about how merciful they were with him. Unimpressed with mercy he spat at Krallice. Sterling and Urgg finally awake to hear the group trying to convince Taurnos to join. Gargan simply states “We don’t need him. He will just slow us down.” Enraged by his comment Taurnos pledged his allegiance to the party and decided to go with them.

During the conversation Gargan continuously tried to escape from his chains. The others tried their bars but saw that Gargan was their only hope. As he breaks free and alarm goes off. 7 scientists fill the room all ready to take down the escaped player. They used jet guns like before and tried to inject Gargen with different types of serums. Wanting to show off his dominance as the tank of the group took down all 7 scientists with ease. Vivi spots the key on the scientists for the cell doors. Gargan frees the party and wakes up Sterling and Urgg by force. The group examines the room once more over and then looks at their map. They leave the room only to see the secound construct, static shock.Warforged_Mage.jpg

He heard the noise made by the fight and came to fix it personally. When he saw that the players have escaped he gave them an ultimatum. Either go back into the cells or die. Gargan tried to play it off as he was on their side again but static saw right through it. Without any other options the group started the fight with Static. Things didn’t start off going well for the players. A tube of blue glowing aetherium came out of the ground and protected static with a blue aurora. It protected him from every attack the players used and threw it right back at them. Vivi was the one who notice it and continued to heal the players. Static realized that and went to attack her. He put his hand on her head and placed a mark on her forehead. She went to heal Sterling, but instead healed static of whatever little damage the players had done. Angry at the world Gargan tried to destroy the tube with the aetherium in it. His punches did very little but the rest of the players continued. Taurnos did the most damage to the tube and cracked it. The players can now see a faint glimmer of hope, but is soon taken away. Static unleashes a lightning wave engulfing the majority of the players. Leaving only Historia, Vivi, and Sterling standing after the blow. The aetherium tank was destroyed in the processes. leaving the players soaked in it.

After the attack it seemed as if Static powered down and wasn’t able to move. Vivi prays to her god in hopes of some miracle. Vivi was answered. A mighty Ice wave came from the sky and hit static hard. All the aetherium on the floor froze and became icy. Sterling spent his time reviving players as did Vivi. As Static became functional agian, Historia tried her best to attack him and keep him off the other two. With the help of STerling’s floating sword they were able to distract him long enough to get the team back up. Azula went in charging but was quickly cut back down. He made it personal and continued to attack her bringing her closer to death. Urgg charged in to help her even though he could barley stand on his own two legs alone. He quickly went back down as well. Sterling kept his sword on static, making sure that he always had something on him. While he continued to stabilize his teammates.

It came down to a test of endurance. Vivi was able to continuously bring back Taurnos and Urgg and allowed them to do the damage needed. While sterling and Historia caused enough distraction and chaos for him. With him now gone only 1 more brother remains. The iron fortress has taken it’s tole on the players and has proven to be their most difficult challenge yet. What lies ahead I’m afraid, will only be worse.

Vivi was MVP of the session

Aetherius and the Stone
A premature meeting with fate

We last left the players narrowly escaping The Fifth Construct’s laboratory complex as it self destructed. They now find themselves in the doorway to a room filled with crystallized aetherium. The bottom floor was vast and empty with two stairwells on the left and right sides of the room, each sets of stairs that led to a balcony that stretched out to the center of the room. There were two statues depicting constructs against the wall half way up the stairs. A beam of light was being emitted from the statue towards the right directly aimed at a small glowing crystal held in a pedestal atop the center balcony. Hypnotized by the glow of the crystal, Historia began to climb the stairs to reach the orb; Sterling saw that she was distracted by the glow and followed her up. Everyone but Vivi began to explore and search the room. Cautious of touching the Orb herself, Historia sends 2 of her Sprites to fetch it for her. As the rest of the group tries to figure out if anything has changed, Historia and her babies head for the stairs. Now that the orb is in her possession she becomes more aware of her surroundings. She finds a new door that is sealed behind crystals atop the second floor. The group assesses that the crystals are just too strong to break down at the moment so they go to leave the room and the orb disappears from the babies hands as they attempt to leave and the orb returns back to its rightful place upon the pedestal.

Gargan’s interest in the orb has now grown and he has decided to check it out for himself. As Gargen climbs the stairs and walks through the light he is struck with pain. The group hears his reaction, but Vivi assures the others that it is just a normal light. As the others try to pass though the light they are also injured. Urgg-Thrak eventually walks down on the first floor and positions himself under the orb. Gargen tries to push the orb with his shield over the edge to Urgg-Thrak, but as he does so the orb vanishes. A roar louder then any of them have heard shook the room. The players head for the way out, but the door is now covered with the same impenetrable crystals as the door on the second floor. The roof slowly starts to peel back and great mechanical dragon swoops down and blasts party with a powerful electric breath. After that it flies back up and circles over us in the sky. Watching their movements.


The blow was devastating to the group. Everyone took major damage and had to stabilize themselves. After that the group disbursed around the room and prepared for a fight. The dragon lands on the floor and begins to speak to the group. " I am Aetherious, ruler of this realm. Why have you murdered my sons and invaded my realm?" The group tells the truth to Aetherious, although not pleased he seems content with their answer. A few more questions were asked and the players found out that not only was that orb a dragon heart, Aetherious works for Tiamat. He gives them a choice to be a part of his legion of constructs willingly or else he will have to convince them by force. Gargan agrees to join and gets teleported out of the room by the Aetherius. Vivi in a rage screams out for Gargan’s safety. Aetherious teleports her as well. Historia tries to hold down the dragon with vines as one of her babies attack, but her attempts were futile. She was teleported as well.

Just then a Minotaur comes rushing out from under the stairs. With a great feat of strength he was able to push the dragon off his feet and onto his side. Then continued to pelt him with powerful blow after blow. Intrigued by his power Aetherius changes forms and walks up to the Minotaur, and teleports him away. Only 3 remain. Krallice new to the group shows his loyalty to the group and tries to attack the newly formed Aetherius with paralyzing blow darts and hide. The darts were unable to penetrate a forcefield around Aetherius and vaporized before contact could even be made. Krallice thought hiding would be a good idea, but then Aetherius moved the wall behind Krallice closer to him, now face to face Aethrius teleports him away. Sterling has seen the fate of his friends and goes for a hail Mary. After sending everything he had at him, Aetherius attacks Sterling twice piercing through him with his own finger as it bursts through Sterling like a javelin knocking him unconscious. Urgg-Thrak quickly stabilizes Sterling and does minor damage to Aetherius with a combination of healing and standard arrows. But Aetherius then walks up to Sterling on the ground and puts his hand on his face sending Sterling away like the others. With only Urgg-Thrak remaining Aetherius didn’t waste any time. He walked up the stairs and teleported Urgg-Thrak away.


Adventures in Sea Lab
Return of a familiar friend and familiar foes

The players have their work cut out for them in the Iron fortress. The mechanical constructs seem to have the upper hand in most of their fights. If it wasn’t for their team work any singular player would wind up dead. Having already faced 2 out of the 4 construct brothers the players are half way to unlocking the throne room to Aetherius.

The players found their path to one of the wings of the Iron Fortress blocked by a river, but like much else in this realm the river was actually liquid Aetherium. Sterling was quick to come up with a plan to test the water using rope. As he went to pull the rope out a tug pulled it back in. Gargan came to the aid of Sterling’s and helped him pull on the rope. Even with their combined effort, they were no match for whatever was on the other side. Both Gargan and Sterling were thrown into the river and had to swim to get out. As they reached the shore a creature appeared out of the water. He claimed to be the first son of Aetherius, and the smartest out of the 5.


The new construct did not give the players much information, but what he did say was crucial. They learned about a lab where he held experiments on organic creatures and the existence, particularly how to transfer consciousness from one body to another. His experiments were deemed blasphemous to Aetherius as they showed potential in granting another being the same immortality he had, so as punishment the construct’s research was destroyed forcing him to rebuild all he had lost. As the construct talked it began moving closer to the shore. Sterling backed up in caution but Gargan believed that his strength would protect him. The construct placed a finger on Gargans head and wiped his mind completely clean of everything he had ever learned. In a panic Gargan began to run away from the monster in front of him and back to the group. As most of the group readies their attacks, Sterling and Vivi attend to Gargan. Using their wits they were able to explain the situation and get him to understand that we are here to help. The first few attacks made it seem that the players had this, but that’s when the construct made his move. Encasing Vivi into an orb the players had no mage. Urgg, Historia, and Luffy focused their attacks on the construct; While Gargan and Sterling went to save Vivi. In the end Construct5 was just no match for the overwhelming power of the group. With the construct down Gargan’s memories came back to him. As the group Celebrated with joy the constructs lab arose from under the water.

Living up to their sense of adventure the players decide to go inside and see for themselves what kind of experiments construct5 was doing. Inside they found many large tubes with bodies floating inside. At first glance it seems that there were different races of organics within the tubes, but upon closer inspection they see that they have all become some kind of robot hybrid. They continued on until they found themselves in what looked to be a control room. On the right here was a panel and monitors that showed the activities happening in other rooms. To the left was another tube. It was slightly bigger then the ones they passed to get inside, but this one was covered. In the center of the control room was a tube bigger then the rest and was glowing a bright orange. As the players began to investigate the pod a mechanical fire beast leaped out and charged at the group.


It was non other then construct5. His experiments with the soul has granted him access to eternal life through body jumping. He leaps out and pounces onto Gargan. He is thrown to the ground, and with no hands to protect him construct5 lets out a breath of fire into his face. Luffy was able to come in a rip construct5 off of Gargan, but that only led to him being the target. After a few rounds of Vivi’s healing and some fine shots from Urgg even this new form seemed to be no match. Construct5 wasn’t lying when he said he was the smartest. Out of the other tube in the left hand corner came a molten drake. This was the closest thing to a dragon anyone of the players have ever seen. No one knew what it could bring to the fight. They soon came to realize that the drake itself poses more of a threat then construct5. They split up their efforts and were able to take construct5 down firs and had the drake occupied. With all efforts now focused on the drake they were able to take it down, but not without taking some major hits.

Although no one was able to work the control panel, on the screen it was easy to see organic humanoid people strapped to tables. The group takes a vote and decides that helping them would be their next step. They retraced their steps and found themselves back in the main lobby of the lab. The room is now filled with thin mechanical beings that seem to have no eyes. An octopus like person walks with them and seems to be their eyes. The group easily swept all of them and found themselves moving onto the next room fast. As they opened the door the find a forest of metal. The room seems to be the biggest one yet as it curves and continues on to the right. There is low light in this room, but a raging fire keeps the room and their surroundings visible. Luffy used his bird to scope out the place while Historia translated any animal speech she heard. Through the bird they were able to learn about a giant worm that seemed to be an organic creature. As the bird relayed the message Historia overheard it talking to another creature. Its brother. Luffy sent out his bird again to see if he couldn’t find the other one. A screech is heard, the bird was eaten. Luffy is now upset and goes to find the creature that eat his bird. He is able to sneak up on one of the two. He found one of them hanging out by the fire. This worm seemed to still be organic.


Luffy began to swing back to the group from tree to tree using his grappling hook, when disaster struck. The other worm has caught his scent. It moves in and grabs Luffy’s leg. As he looks down he sees that this worm is nothing like the other one. This one is another mechanical hybrid. The worm starts up its mouth and begins to shred up Luffy’s leg.


Sterling quickly makes his move to Luffy. Manages to aim at the mouth and lock his weapon in between the gears in it’s mouth. Luffy managed to limp away, but his leg was torn apart. Vivi was next to come over and she began to try and heal Luffy. Gargan was ambushed by the other worm, but was able to hold his own. Historia used her powers and changed into a snake and began her stealthy approach toward the organic worm. Urgg saw an advantage point and began to climb for it. Although the worms were giants and had impressive strength, they were sloppy and clumsy during battle. The players were easily able to gain the advantage in the fight and take each worm down. As the group began to rest Vivi told Luffy that there is no saving his leg. Being the crafts man he is Luffy cuts his own leg off from the shin down and replaces it with a metal branch. Before the players can even get up they hear a voice coming from around the bend. “I will not be defeated this time!” No words could describe this monster, but they all had a feeling it was construct5.


As the group prepared themselves for another fight the doors behind them swung open. It was none other than Azula. A former group member who was taken off by a thunderbird. She quickly explained how construct5 has been collecting others from different realms of reality. He left her to the blind scientists to go find the players the first time. Since then she has managed to escape and has been looking for either her old group of friends. Construct5 seemed to care very little about Azula’s entrance. From his past two forms he has seen that Urgg is the one to go after. He charges at the tree and begins to climb it. The plays all attack but do little to stop him. Luffy sees the trouble that Urgg is in and climbs up the tree after construct5. After shoving Urgg out of the tree his attention is now on Luffy. Sterling and Historia tried to take his attention off of Luffy, but it didnt work. 3 horrible blows, one after the next on Luffy’s body. He couldn’t take it. The first to fall in battle. Luffy. Anger fills the party as they all try to be the one to get the finishing blow. Construct5 goes down. For the last and final time. The party burns Luffy’s body and split up his possessions. Vivi remembers the reason they even came here, to save those people. The party ventures on into a small lab.

The lab contained 4 tables with dead bodies on them. Some had limbs missing while others rejected the mechanical hybrid process. Historia quickly realized that they were not the only ones dead in the room. The scientists that would normally be preforming those experiments are dead as well. Then from out of the shadows appeared the watcher of the black covenant. As quickly as he appeared he disappeared right after his attack. Other assassins seemed to be around him as well. They walked into an ambush.


They were a special stealth group that seemed to be able to even disappear flawlessly behind tables. In a rage Gargan and Historia began flipping tables to reveal their locations. The new watcher was the most formidable one of them all. Abel to change forms and almost took out 3 players single handed. Urgg took the attack personally due to his past with them and began questioning the watcher. Using Sterling as an enforcer they were bale to intimidate him and get some info out of him on the attack. Sterling saw potential in him and also saw realized that with Luffy down their teamwork could suffer a bit. Sterling then took over the interrogation. “most of us have done wrong in our past. As a group we have committed many crimes, but we were given a second chance. Your leader is working to destroy our realm. I don’t know if you are from our realm or not, but we have a lot riding on this. You can either join us and help us with our mission, or we kill you.” The choice wasn’t hard for the watcher. He joined the group. As sterling shook the new party member’s hand Azula saw a control panel and walked over to it. She saw a scientist still alive on another screen. The scientist started a self destruct system. The players managed to escape but found themselves in the metallic water again. While swimming to shore Historia must of swallowed too much of it because she passed out and started to sync. Everyone searched but couldn’t find her from the shore. They all began to pray, hopping that one of their deities would answer their call. Sterling’s Goddess Cortza heard his call and washed her upon the shore barley breathing, but alive.


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