Krallice Moonsorrow

Player Character - Brian Malone



Name: Krallice Moonsorrow
Level: 23
Race: Changeling
Class: Assassin
Height: 6’0
Weight: 160 lbs
Deity: Mask

Hit Points: 31
Strength: 8
Intelligence: 10
Dexterity: 12 +4 (Class) +7 (Skill Points) = 23
Movement Speed: 9 (45 feet)
Armor Class: 23 (Dexterity) +3 (Armor) = 26


Gold: 17,970,980.58

+3 Demonscale Armor: +5 Bonus to Hide Checks, +5 Bonus to Bluff Checks and Immunity to Light Damage.


Longbow: 2d8

Blowgun: 1d6 +2 damage.

Two Daggers: 2d8 +2 lightning damage

Two Longswords: 1d12

Two Shuriken: 2d6

Crossbow: 2d6 damage (one handed)

Crossbow: 2d6 damage +3 damage. Can also shoot harpoons.

Assassin’s dagger: 2d8 (Teaches death attack. Focus an enemy for 3 rounds. Next sneak attack paralyzes or kills them. Must make the attack within 3 rounds after focusing in.)


5 Crossbow Harpoons

20 Arrows

10 Poisoned Arrows

5 Poisoned Darts

9 Paralyzing Darts (successful contact gives target -2 to all rolls on next turn and fully paralyzes the target during the following turn)

10 Health Potions

9x Venom of Cernunos [in vials] (Attacks with poison laced weapons deal 1 extra point of initial damage and 1 point of ongoing poison damage that doubles in efficacy with each subsequent round. The poison wears off the weapon after 10 attacks after which it must be reapplied.) Each vial contains 10 applications of poison.

Food Rations




Black Crystal


Racial Ability

Doppelgänger (Level 4) – As a standard action the player takes damage equal to 20% (Rounded Up) of the player’s maximum Hit Points and assumes the appearance of a humanoid figure in line of sight; The two beings become completely indistinguishable from each other clothing included. Physical contact with the mimicked target allows the player to gain the ability to speak all languages of the mimicked target, imitate it’s voice perfectly, and gain a percentage of the knowledge of the target.

Paragon Ability

Hide in Plain Sight (Level 5) For 3 turns, the player is granted the power of ultimate stealth and becomes invisible and is completely silent for 3 turns.


Character Abilities

Blood Lust (Level 4) – The player gains a +5 bonus to attack and damage rolls to foes below 50% of their maximum Hit Points and an additional +5 bonus to foes below 25% of their maximum Hit Points.

Precision Strike (Level 3) – The player gains a +5 bonus to Move Silently checks. The first attack the player makes on a target from a state of concealment if successful is treated as a Critical Hit.

Mutilate (Level 3) – The first time the player lands a Critical Hit during a round the player may follow that attack up with another attack to the wounded area, after which the player can move an additional 15 feet (3 squares) and can then perform another minor action and/or ranged attack.

Ambidexterity (Level 4) – The player is equally adept at using either hand. Player takes no penalty for attacking with their off hand in the same turn they have already attacked with their main hand and gains an additional attack with each hand during each round of combat.

??? (Level 1) -

Bonus Abilities

Black Covenant Training (Level 5) – Intensive training under the Black Covenant has made the player an expert assassin. The player gets a +6 bonus to attack and damage rolls and an additional attack during his turn with Daggers, Knives, Shuriken, Blow Darts, Slingshots, Bows and Crossbows. The player adds 6d6 points of Sneak Attack damage to all attacks against flanked & flatfooted enemies.

Blessing of Rakdos (Level 1) – All attacks deal an additional +2 darkness damage.

Fire Elemental hand (Level 1) – Main hand is that of a fire elemental’s. Player gains an additional 1d6 fire damage to all main hand attacks.



The Watcher is a rank within the Black Covenant that is filled by a highly trusted member to meet with potential patrons in order to work out the specifics of a contract. The Black Covenant requires a large payment of gold and the life of a person highly trained in combat in return for their services. Once the gold has been forked over the tributed person is then slain by the watcher only to later be revived by Abraxus on the 643rd layer of the Abyss known as Death’s Reward. From there new recruits are often sent to the 17th layer of the Abyss, the Screaming Jungle, for intensive training before they are allowed to carry out actual assassinations or are seen fit to travel with Abraxas himself as one of his personal guards.

The last Watcher of the Black Covenant was slain by the player characters on their mission to retrieve Urgg-Thrak from the Black Covenant’s training grounds within the Screaming Jungle.

The individual whom replaced the Watcher that was previously defeated by the party is of a dying race of humanoids known as the Changelings. The Changelings are a group of people capable of changing their physical appearance to match that of any other humanoid being through a relatively painful process of manipulating their skin and bones. The Watcher attacked the players while they were within the confines of the Iron Fortress after they defeated the third incarnation of The Fifth Construct, where he was accompanied by a group of six other assassins. After the massacre of the other assassins the Watcher was given an ultimatum and quickly decided to join up with the players to assist them on their quest (due to the alternative being certain death).

Krallice Moonsorrow

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