Sterling Fortis

Will Alfo - Player Character


Name: Sterling Fortis
Level: 23
Race: Half-Elf
Class: Battle Mage
Height: 5’6"
Weight: 140 lb
Deity: Cortza goddess of spite, revenge, and desire


Hit Points: 41
Strength: 8
Intelligence: 18 (12 + 6 skill point/battle mage)
Dexterity: 20 (12 + 7 skill points/battle mage/Racial ability)
Movement speed: 9 (7+2 boots)
Armor class: 28 (20 + 5 armor + 3 shield)



Enchanted Gloves + 2AC and +2 to psionic attacks (Equipped)
(L) aetherium armor + 3AC, and +3 to psionic attacks. (Equipped)
Enchanted Amulet +3 to psionic attacks and damage. (Equipped)
Buckle shield + 3 (Equipped)
Enchanted Crown- Full control of target for 1d4 turns. Player is blind while equipped

Helmet-Breath underwater
Legs/feet- + 2 MS, walk over rough terrain and water, jump 20 ft high

Serrated Greatsword ( 2d10 + 5) Weapon inflicts additional 3 points of bleeding damage per round. This weapon crits when player rolls a natural 18-20.
Harpoon (1D10) If impaled roll for damage again when pulled out. This weapon crits when player rolls a natural 18-20.
Kpinga (2D8) Ignores shield bonuses to AC when thrown. Heals player by 1/3 of the damage roll. This weapon crits when player rolls a natural 18-20.
Shark tooth grappling hook (2D6, 2D6 bleed out damage)

Flint/Steel, Health Potionx10, Toxic Potion, Bone Saw, Keys to mansion, shovel/pickax , blankets , Chains (20ft), tent, bird mask, Empty Canisterx20, Jet Gunx2, Toxic vilex4, (unknown) vilex4, Tybalt Calling Coin, Red Orb, Blue orb, truth syrumx10, Bottle of Absinthe, Red Cloak, Black tuxedo, Fancy Cape


Racial Ability:

Conqueror’s Right – At first level the player gains an additional 2 Skill Points and an Ability of their choice. (cannot be upgraded).

Sword Bond (Level 5) – The player spends 1 major action forming a bond with up to 3 weapons at once. That bond connects them and allows the weapons instant teleportation to the player.If the bonded weapon(s) is (are) broken or damaged one turn can be spent to fully restore the weapon from any fragment. All bonded weapons gain a + 3 to attack and damage rolls. Each bonded weapon has a unique power. (Bonded weapon 1) gains independence and has a Movement Speed of 10. The weapon can attack twice if it hasn’t moved during the player’s turn. the player may to teleport to the weapon, but it must be within a number of squares equal to their Intelligence Modifier(8). They can only teleport once every other turn. teleporting is considered their movement action for the turn. (Bonded weapon 2) if the weapon impales it becomes a conductor and magnifies psionic attack and damage rolls by + 5 against the impaled target. (Bonded weapon 3) This weapon gains an additional + 2 to attack and damage rolls, and can simply teleport back to the player.To create the independent weapon the player must meditate with the weapon for 1 full round.
( 10 +8+8=26 attack rolls/ 5+3+8=16 damage)

Character Abilities(Passive)

Pitching Arm (Level 3) – The player is an expert at throwing weapons and can throw them the amount of squares equal to 1/3 their Dexterity Score(6). When Throwing weapons add a + 2 to attack and damage rolls. The player may throw weapons from within their range at enemies fighting allies, and receive the flanking bonus. A successful attack that exceeds a target’s Armor Class by 5 or is a crit ends with the blade impaling the target. This causes an additional 2 points of damage and halves the targets MS. If target fails to pull out the weapon by the end of their turn deal an additional 1d4 damage.
( 10 +2+3=15 attack rolls/5+2+3(+2)=10(12) damage)

Boomerang (Level 1) – Upon an unsuccessful thrown weapon attack the player uses the bond with their weapon to alter the path of the weapon to a better location and angle.The attack now goes off of INT and there must be at least 1 unoccupied square behind the target in order to perform this technique.
(8+8+10=26 attack rolls/ 4+3+10(+2)=17(19) damage)

Psionic Mastery (Level 4)- Player has Trained hard and learned to use more of their brain. The player now adds + 5 to all psionic based attack and damage rolls. Player can speak with characters telepathically from a distance of up to 75 feet. The player can also attempt to read the thoughts of a character within 75 feet by performing a successful dice check and using up a major action. The player may use 1 psionic ability in combination with any other attack once per turn.

Character Abilities(Attacks)

The Force (Level 4) – The player creates a substantial amount of psychic energy and focuses it on a target/object. The energy can travel the amount of spaces equal to the players INT modifier (8). It can push or pull an amount of squares equal to half the players INT modifier (4), knock the target down(target gets a strength check), or launch them in the air an amount of squares equal to a quarter of the players INT modifier (2) It deals 2D8 damage and can be used once per turn as a free action in combination with another attack. If used more then once per turn it is no longer considered a free action. Due to the player’s ability to propel targets, including himself, the player receives a + 2 bonus to Jump, Acrobatics and Reflex Saves.
( 8 + 8+ 5(+ 5)=21(26) attack rolls/ 4+3+5(+5)=12(17) damage)

Elemental Blade (Level 3) – The player imbues their weapon with an element of their choice that does 2D6 damage. It stays in its transformed state until the player says otherwise. The player must be touching the weapon to change it’s elemental state. If a target attempts to touch the weapon the player rolls for elemental damage again. If the attack impales the target become afflicted with an elemental status effect.
( 10+2+3=15 attack rolls/ 5+2+3(+2)=10/12 damage)

Psionic Crush (Level 3) – The player focuses on an enemies brainwaves and tries to crush apart of their brain itself. The ability does 3d6 psionic damage and the first successful attempt on a target takes away 3 points of INT. For every successful additional use of this ability on the same target only take away half of the original number (1) INT.
( 8+8+5(+ 5)=21(26) attack rolls/ 4+3+5(+5)=12(17) damage)

Deity Abilities

Shadow Clones (Level 5) – At the start of the players turn they have shadows violently pull themselves out from their body. The shadows form up to 3 clones of the player that have no summoning sickness and have all the same stats and abilities as the creator. The player pays 1/4 of their max health for the first 2 clones and pays no health for the last. Each clone only has half of the players max health, must end their turn 15 feet from the player, and each clone can only attack once per turn. All the clones on the field must be gone before any enemy can attack the player directly. When a clone disappears the player is healed by the clones max hp.

Bonus Abilities

Blood of Talona (Level 1) – The player cannot be poisoned. When the player would be poisoned they instead gain 1hp for each initial point of poison and every subsequent round gain 1hp until the end of combat.

Strengthened Mind (Level 1) – Due to training with a shardmind the player has a natural resistance to psionic attacks and abilities. Any psionic power targeting the player takes a -2 to its success and damage roll.

Friends With Benefits (Level 1)- Any items bought from Les Ismore, or by any other known associate of his by the player cost 25% less then they originally were

Animatronic Apprentice (Level 1)- The player takes 1 full turn to repair any 1 metal construction for 20 health. If the construction dies then the player may attempt to bring them back to life. The player can also now fix any minor problems with armor/weapons


It was never an easy journey for Sterling. His mother, Valan Volitum was once a proud ambassador for the elven people of Telgan. She traveled around the world fighting for elves everywhere. She spoke to small groups of elves personally about staying strong, and holding on to their past. Spoke to officials about gardens to pray for the golden oak and allowing elves to be more active in their communities. When Valan found herself pregnant she started to worry that other elves might want her to resign and take care of the baby. As time went on it became harder to hide, she eventually had to come clean with her people and tell them.
The reviews were mixed but no one saw reason for her to lose her job over this. Her husband, Quinn Fortis was an accomplished fighter in the elven army. After the war was over every official wanted Quinn as their guard. He decided to freelance and see which official he liked the most. Valan and Quinn have been together right before he left for the army and she started her first campaign. The thought of a baby was never scary to him. He wants a boy he can pass his weapon too, and continue fighting in his family name. As the baby drew near Quinn became Valan’s guard while she was on the road, he never left her sight.
When it came time for the baby to be born they were on the road in another town. It was a human dominate town that were very friendly with elves. The humans brought them to a medical facility and began the birthing process. Quinn was happy to see a boy arrive. Due to his size the humans mistaken it as one of them at first, but he had his mother’s silver eyes and pointy ears like all elves. His name Sterling was given to him due to the color of his eyes, and for its worth.
Only a few months went by before she had to get back on the road and continue fighting for elven equality. It was hard for her to leave her boys, but she knew that if she gave them time alone that they would bond. That is exactly what happened. Sterling became the apple of his father’s eye. Once he was old enough to walk Quinn began training his son to fight. Due to his size difference Sterling was able to start training at an earlier age then the others. By age 10 he carried a faux glaive around at all time, just to get used to the weight. His father promised him that if he kept this up that on his 15 birthday he would give him his own weapon of choice.
When Sterling was 14 he realized that Quinn began to show less interest in him. Sterling never stopped training. He now has his own real great-sword that he practices with in the woods. It wasn’t that it was going unnoticed, Quinn brought up everything Sterling had done through-out the day with a rotten tone to his voice. As if the words pain him to speak, but must because if kept within the mouth would begin to fester and seep inside his body. Sterling started to travel with his mother over the breaks from school. It became the only time Sterling felt at ease. After the first few days of traveling Sterling looked at his mother and asked her. “Why does dad hate me?”
His mother always knew that this day would come. She decided a long time ago that she would tell Sterling the story first. Valan began asking Sterling some questions; how much bigger was he then the other children in his grade, why his hair was so dark and predominate, and can he speak to the trees? That’s when it clicked for Sterling, realizing that he was not just an elf, he was something more, but doesn’t know what. His mind shattered. Questions filled his head; waves of different emotions consumed him. Showing each one in bursts that would only last moments before the next one would come. Sterling jumps out of the carriage and runs away. Guards begin to chase him but Valan calls them off and they continued.
Sterling came back to find that his mom had abandoned him. Morals broken, and mind warped he begins to walk back home with the intent to kill his mother and father. Not knowing the land well he found himself lost. One night over a campfire he admits to himself that he is lost. For the first time in months something other than kill his parents has entered his head. He fell asleep that night and dreamt of a beautiful woman. Pale skin, Long blood red hair, covered with tribal tattoos, and had silk drapes on. She told him that she has been watching him for a long time. She has been waiting for the day that it would be clear to her if he was the one.
“That day is today.” She said to him. “You are him, my king.” She gets close to him and caresses his face. Still unsure Sterling jumps back and asks her to explain. “Your real father has found a way to capture deities. He wants to put them all away and live without them. I once had a pupil that was going to bestow my powers upon. He was to be the one who would eventually join me and rule side by side. Your father, a powerful sword mage killed him a long time ago. Since then I have been looking for someone to take his place. That’s when I found you; Son of an anti-paladin, raised by a fighter, a combination of two races. I have seen the paths that fate has lied out for you. I want to guide you, help you become my greatest warrior.
Sterling wakes up in a cold sweat and doesn’t know what to believe. He continues to travel day in and day out hoping to find something that looks familiar. Each time he asks for help he is shunned for being a mix. Each time he is shunned he has that same dream with the goddess. He gives into temptation and agrees. They embrace and become one. Sterling awakes from his dream to find a line of hooded figures standing over him. They do a quick bow to him and one steps forward. “Hello Sterling, We have been sent to find you and bring you home.” His lips did not move, his head never rose. He spoke with Sterling using his mind. His curiosity was peaked and wanted to learn more about this man. Not seeing an option either way, he packs his things and starts to walk. He starts to see that every last one of them has personally been in contact with Cortza the goddess and some of the elders have been around long enough to tell tales of the Drow warrior that was also her lover. Some of the monks under the robes had green skin, others had black, and some were very pale. The one that Sterling was the most interested in though was the leader. He didn’t have skin. It was made of a blue crystal.
From that night on Cortza would visit Sterling and would talk about his true father. Cortza makes Sterling promise that his mother will remained unharmed. She spoke only the truth to Sterling and only abandoned him after he did the same to her.They reach his home town and the hooded men stop. Sterling turns and looks at them. “This is something you must face on your own. If help is needed you must trust in Cortza for guidance.” Eyes begin to focus on Sterling as he walks through the streets. He reaches his old house and notices how quiet it is. He opens the door, walks in, and finds only Quinn is home. He sits at the table sharpening his glaive with a bottle of whiskey to the side. “Where’s mom. We have to talk.” Quinn gets up with the blade in one hand and walks to the cabinet. “Have a seat and take a drink. I have some bad news for you son.” Quinn laughs a little. “Maybe I made it too obvious that I knew, then you wouldn’t of went with her. I was planning on killing you both at the same time. Now that I killed one without the other it’s hard to do anything around here. I can’t even leave this little shack.” Sterling draws his weapon and points it Quinn. “I came for your blade. Today it’s mine.”
His father stood up and walked closer to him. Do you even know what you are? because its not human. no one knows what blood runs through your veins. Sterling was no match for his father. He was an experienced soldier, while Sterling was 15 and driven by fate. Sterling gets one good hit in crippling Quinn. Quinn takes it in stride and pushes Sterling out of the house and on the road. Looking back up at the house Quinn now walks out wielding both his and Sterling’s blade. With Sterling facing death He prayed to Cortza silently. She answered with knowledge. She allowed him to see some of his own potential and unlocked some of the magical abilities him and his real father share. Sterling looks up and Quinn and smiles. Both Sterling and Quinn’s weapons Teleport back to Sterling. With 2 quick slices Quinn drops to his knees. Right before Sterling kills Quinn with his former glaive he looks up at Sterling. “Happy birthday.”
With a new weapon in hand and new abilities he walks back though town. All saw what happened and no one stops him. Although they did not like that he was a mix, or that him being alive brings shame to their town, having someone get away with murdering their own wife is worse. Sterling reaches the hooded men and stays with them until his new path is clear. Seeing how weak he was compared to his elven father he quickly realized that his true father would be too strong to go after right now. He remains with the monks but under the condition that that the one with the crystallized skin must train Sterling himself.
Over time he learned much from the monk. Much about his old race, their secret powers, and more about his own religion. When the time was right and he felt that he had learned all he could from the monk he set out through the land in search of his father. Upon his travels he came upon two bards fighting. One wanted information on the group he was singing about. A short old Dwarven man was Assaulting an Human bard. Sterling walked over and paid the human Bard 10 gold to hear is song. The tales of a group who were strong enough to make a god run away in fear. He then paid 1,000 gold to find their location. The bard finally told them where he heard of the tale.
The Dwarf looked up at Sterling and asked him to accompany him in his search. Sterling didnt mind the company and asked him why he was so interested in the group. He created a new type of magic able to record live events and have them captured onto a stone. This allowed for others to view those events again anywhere they were. He wanted to find that group and create stars out of them. He promised Sterling that for helping him and being he bodyguard along the way Sterling can buy capture stones for 25% off. Sterling was overjoyed and took the deal. Once he bought one he was a bit taken back at what Les decided to capture. A deal was a deal and the two went in search for the group.

Sterling Fortis

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