General in Tiamat's army




Madoras is a powerful demon aiding Tiamat in his goal to acquire the souls of the five Dragon Deities. Madoras was first encountered by the players as a Dwarven nobleman known as Raleigh Stonefoot. As Raleigh he asked the players to acquire a large crystal hidden deep within the remnants of a now abandoned Dwarven mining tunnel. After retrieving the crystal and escaping safely despite a run in with a massive golem that chased the players after they took the crystal out of its hiding place, Raleigh payed the players handsomely for their efforts. Not long after that during the ending ceremony of the dwarven festival of their god Alonius the god of the Sun, Raleigh reveals his true form as that of Madoras and lays siege to the Dwarven council’s guards as the council members themselves leave the council chamber quickly to safety. After the crowd flees for their lives the players engage Madoras in a long battle in the halls of the council chamber eventually ending in Madoras escaping by traveling through a portal to the Abyss. After the dust settles the players are eventually informed by the Dwarven Council of who Madoras likely is and why he had them fetch him that crystal, which turned out to be the one containing the soul of the Dragon God Karrthus.


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