Gargan Ironbeard

Player Character - Matt Prosa



Level: 23
Race: Previously a Dwarf (of the Iron Isles), Currently a War Forged
Class: Warden
Age: 31
Height: 7’6"
Weight: 1457 lb
Deity: Bahamut, the platinum dragon.

Hit Points: 90
Strength: 17 (+5 Aetherium skin) = 22
Intelligence: 12
Dexterity: 12
Movement Speed: 11 (6 + 5-enchantment)
Armor Class: 12 + 20 (Aetherium skin) = 32 + 4 (divine shield) = 36


Gold: 282,230

My turn bonuses
Auto bubble at the start
Regen 15 hp at the end of my turn
Bonuses to Attack: +17 main hand, +16 offhand +6 when in titan stance
Bonuses to Damage: 9 (6 from half of mod and 3 from fists)

Divine Shield = +4 AC, Divine bubble (immunity to next dmg received) casted as a free action
Amulet of Regen = gives +10 to regen and can regen limbs should they be cut off (I still take damage).
Lightning ring: grants immunity to lightning dmg. (in my case it only grants normal lightning dmg instead of crits)

Divine Shield Bash: 2d6 with Spikes
Fists of Aetherium (Level 2) – 2d12 +3 attack and damage
Golem fist x2 – 1d6 bleed vs non-constructs + 50% heal
bleed dmg = dmgs enemy at the end of their turn and then falls off. will remain the same dmg if applied again.

25 Health Potions
1 empty bottles
Random vial injector
2 Blue Aetherium Crystals
1 soul gem

Helmet Lvl 10: 100% resists critical hits
Chest Lvl 5: +5 regen
Legs Lvl 5: +5 movement
Main fist Lvl 4: +2 ATT, +50% heal
Off hand fist Lvl 3: +1 ATT, +50% heal
Shield Lvl 6: divine shield for free at the start of my turn


Racial Ability

Machina: The player is a magical construct and can only be healed through spells or a person who is knowledgeable about your construction and they perform a repair check. Potions and food have no effect. The player is immune to necrotic and poison damage and takes double damage from lightning damage.

Character Abilities

Taunt (Level 1) – The player taunts 1 target up to a number of squares away equal to One Half of his Strength modifier. The taunted target is compelled to attack the player. The target is flustered by this and takes a -2 to attack rolls. The taunted target needs to take dmg equal or greater than 15% of their max hp from a single source in one round to lose aggro. If taunted they must hit the player with at least 1 attack that round.

Titanic Presence (Level 1) – A Dominating aura flowing from the user for 4 turns and provides +3 attack and damage to allies within 4 spaces.

Fists of Aetherium (Level 3, Passive) – Fist attacks now deal 2D12 damage and grant +3 to attack and damage. Nat 20 attack rolls against humanoid enemies decapitate.

Ambidexterity (Level 3): The player is equally adept at using either hand. Player takes no penalty for attacking with their off hand in the same turn they have already attacked with their main hand and gains an additional attack with their primary hand during each round of combat.
attacks: 2 main, 1 offhand

Aetherium Skin (Level 5) – The player through ancient magic is able to plate their body in solid Aetherium. The player becomes heavily armored receiving a +20 bonus to their Armor Class and much stronger as well receiving a +5 bonus to Strength.

War Forged (Level 3) – The player’s body is harder than any blade. The player receives a -3 resistance to all physical damage sources; in addition weapons that come in contact with the player are severely dulled causing them to deal 3 less damage and subsequent strikes.

Spell Absorption(Level 3) – Through intensive training of the body the player is granted a -3 resistance to all forms of magical damage. When hit with a type of elemental magic the player gains a temporary +3 resistance to that type of magic until the end of combat.

Titan’s Stance (Level 5) MINOR ACTION – The player remains very still and can only move 3 square per round. Due to the player’s defensive posture the damage he receives from attacks is reduced by 6, in addition, while in this stance he gains a +6 bonus to melee attack rolls. Enemies damaged by the player while he is in this stance are aggroed and compelled to attack him. At the end of an enemies turn, if the player was attacked and is still able to do so he may perform a singular melee attack against that enemy.. Moving additional squares during a round ends this effect. Can’t be used again if released in the same turn.

Aspect of Bahamut (Level 5)

Stats: 48 Ac with titan stance, 17 movement, 30 str, 12 dex, 22 int

Once per day the player asks his patron deity Bahamut the Platinum Dragon for a fraction of
his power, and due to his devotion, is granted his request. Bahamut reforges the player to
resemble himself, covering the player in the most perfect platinum and giving him the gift
of flight. The pointed tips of his fists forged together to create the Trident of Light,
Bahamut’s personal weapon of choice.

During this transformation the player receives a +10 to Movement Speed, Strength and
Intelligence and the ability to fly any number of squares above the ground. The Ability
“Fists of Aetherium” becomes “Breath of Bahamut”.

Armor of Bahamut
+10 AC Immunity to Dark, Necrotic, Poison, Fire, and Ice based damage. Grants Flight.

Trident of Light
3d12 Light & Slashing/Piercing damage & Heals the player 50% of damage dealt

The Trident of Light has a range of 10 feet and is light enough to wield in one hand
allowing the player to toss it from one hand to another to enable multiple strikes.
(3 attacks)

Breath of Bahamut

The player fires a ray of molten hot platinum out from his mouth in a cone 20 feet
forward and 20 feet wide at the end, targets can make a reflex save to take half damage.
Deals 5d6 damage and immobilizes targets and sets them ablaze.


The Iron clan has been around for quiet longer than everyone else believes them to be. This Being due to the fact that they make their homes and cities within the earth sometimes losing touch with the outside world. Travelers do happen upon them occasionally and are greeted warmly. They believe in the strong properties deep within the ground, digging ever deeper to find and uncover secrets of the earth. Holding ceremonies to honor the land and even some of the other rarer minerals from the earth. This has led the clan to being attuned with the land. Some dwarves will specialize in different types of minerals and items found, some metals, some gems and crystals, and then other miscellaneous types. Though most of the race isn’t the brightest, they do have intellectuals and scholars who teach and study it.

Gargan himself is sadly not apart of this group of intellectuals but does believe in the strength metals from the earth give him. Relying on their power to guide him through his life and his adventures. His Belief over time has given him the ability to wear metals of the earth as if they were his own skin, unable to fully understand the language of the earth but still able to get a gut feeling from it.

Gargan was captured and then experimented on by the 5th construct within the Iron Fortress. His soul was transferred to a War forged construct. It was the happiest “accident” of his life for now he can feel the power of metal running through his warforged body.

Finding out Les Ismor is his own father, Gargan re-evaluates his life. What kind of a man will he turn out to be? A successful man like his pornographer father or perhaps something greater?

He worships the deity Bahamut, the great platinum dragon. Hoping some day to surpass even this deity itself.

Gargan Ironbeard

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