The key masters are double trouble

Wonder twins and the power of the orbs

With another Son of Aetherious down the players now have a second to breath. As Historia puts on her new armor Vivi checks the remaining parts of the body. She finds that this body unlike the other 2 did not have the crystals needed to unlock the portal door. The players check their map and see that there is a room that looks like it could of been his throne room right down the hall they were in. When they get inside they see a pair of constructs. These ones were special though. They were a different kind of construct then the rest they have seen so far.


While Gargen tried talking to the constructs and trying to find out information from them, he soon realized that this path was not going to work. To get those crystals they would have to take down both constructs. As the players started to attack the wonder twins began to charge up crystals in their hands. One was red while the other was blue. Not knowing what they did the players were weary of getting too close. Only a turn later and one of the twins disappeared. As the Agro turned on to the other twin, the first twin reappears with a different charged crystal ready to go. This one was white. All of a sudden both twins had regained health, and a lot of it.

Gargan was able to draw agro towards him from on of the wonder twins. Keeping that one relatively in place. While the rest of the group focused on the other one. Taurnos felt that Gargan couldn’t take on his alone and swooped in to help him fight. The two twins regrouped and were able to push away the players. They began charging two orbs. 1 of them was a brand new one. A black one. As the players got closer it was only in vain. The wonder twins fused their orbs together to create a bigger gray orb. The blast of this orb wiped out most of the players. leaving only Vivi, Urgg, and Historia alive.

With only those 3 remaining the began trying to heal other players while continuously doing damage to the wonder twins. As each player was revived they helped others. Most were too enraged to heal themselves anymore then what they received from others, and went straight in for the attack. Whether it was a bold move or a stupid move it seemed to have worked for the players. They were able to take down one of the twins. As the players now took time to heal the other twin took time to absorb its brother. When the players saw the actions transpire they began to attack. At this point it seemed too late. Although the twin was nearing death and could never come back from the fight it now had the upper hand. It had 2 fully charged orbs in his hand. Making that big grey orb again he shot down the players hard. Only Vivi and Urgg survived. Remembering how grateful her deity was last time she prayed to her in combat, she did it again. Just like before she came down and graced them with her presence. She blasts the lone wonder twin to pieces and heals the party.

The players begin picking up the orbs that constructs used. While trying to figure it out they couldn’t do it. By mistake Historia figured it out and shot a laser at the wall net to us that did corrosive damage. Sterling found the crystal keys and gave them to historia to hold. The players decided to call it a day their and take rest. You never know whats lurking inside the Iron Fortress.

Vivi was MVP of the session



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