The final wing of the Iron Fortess

The royal guards of Emperious

Taking down the wonder twins was no easy task, but since then the players have had some time to relax. They went around searching rooms but didn’t find much. Eventually they came across a room with 4 chests in them. Eager for treasure they quickly began fighting over themselves to see who would get to open them. Vivi opens the first one and finds a ring. When she puts it on it allowed her to preform a certain spell twice per turn. As the group fought over the next chest, Sterling went to open it and failed. Krallice then tried that same chest and opened it. Inside was a demon lord that was trapped in this realm by Aetherious. For letting him go he branded Krallice with his mark. All damage done by Krallice now has + 2 dark damage attached to it. Gargan won the next chest and found a special crossbow that shoots harpoons. With only 1 chest left and still a few member yet to receive something, the remaining players tried to find a fair way to decide. Sterling’s ambition got the best of him and he went for another shot. Failing a second time he became frustrated and gave up trying. Azula was given the last chest. She was able to open it and inside found a ring that granted her immunity from any form of acid damage. After that the players left the room and continued on with there search.

They cam across a huge room. There was a door on each end of the room and was connected to an even further room. IN the back room they found the aetherium forge. 4 scientists surrounded the forge. They were converting any item/person they were able to get there hands on. A figure from the side of the room approached the group. It was a mechanical bird being.
“I am apart of the royal guards of Emperious. Do not come any closer to the forge or prepare to die.”
Sterling approached the guard and struck a deal with her. If she could take 1 of his weapons and get them to dip it for him that in return he would leave peacefully. She accepted the deal and upgraded his weapon within the forge. Seeing how well that worked Taurnos decided to give it a shot. When he was rejected the scene turned violent. Another guard appeared from the right side of the room and joined in on the fight. Remembering his deal with the guards Sterling took a few steps back and tried to avoid the conflict, Before He knew it one of the guards was in Sterling’s face attacking him. Upset with them not holding on their side of the deal he joined in on the fight. The two guards were no match for the overwhelming force of the group. After the fight Taurnos was able to pick up one of their weapons. A giant scythe that is capable of decapitating enemies. Taurnos went up to each individual scientist and intimidated them =. Trying to get the same treatment to his weapon that Sterling got. In the end without the guard there to tell them what to do they were motionless now. There was no reason to stay there any longer. They continued on with there exploration until they stumbled upon the thrown room of the royal guard’s general. Platinum_Angel.jpg
Her name was Platinious. She was already informed about her guards and could tell from some of their armors that they have defeated the other sons. Her only concern was will we go after Emperious? Without hesitation Krallice ran in and tried attacking the guard on the left of Platinious. His attacked missed and gave the enemy an attack of opportunity. As quickly as He ran into battle, he was taken out. Taurnos charges at the other guard. Catching him at the right time Taurnos cuts the guard’s head clean off. Angry at Taurnos, Platinious made him the first target. Gargan and Azula quickly came to the aid of Taurnos. The rest of the group focused on the other guard. Platnious showed off impressive power. Her sword was able to heal her and preform AOE’s. While her shield encased her in a bubble that nullified damage. When the other guard dropped and Platinious was left to fight alone, the group knew that they had this. When she was defeated Gargen picked up her shield, Sterling found her sword, and Historia took her armor. With the royal guards defeated there was nothing in the way from them and Emperious, the first son.

Taurnos is MVP of the session



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