Face Off with Emperious

The First Son is The Last to Fall

With nothing stopping the players from reaching Emperious’s throne room they prepared themselves for a fight before entering. As they opened the door They realized how big this room is. Next to Aetherious’s throne room this had to be the biggest one. The room was vacant besides a rectangular object floting about 20ft high. On that platform stood Emperious. His stature was huge and intimidated some of the players from the start. As the players began to venture further into the room Emprious started to speak to them.
“What are you doing here?

Garagan walked up and began to talk to Emperious. When Gargan realized that the conversation was going nowhere he decided to try and taunt him off of his floating throne. Emperious acknowledged the attempt and came back at Gargan with his own taunt. After a few more failed attempts to try and get him off of his throne the party decided to go to him. Only Taurnos, Azula, and Gargan were able to get up by themseleves. The rest of the party was helped up by someone that was already up there. Now in Emperious’s face Gargan tries to initiate combat. After mulitlpe fiald attempts Emperious swats Gargan across the room. As Gargan walks his way back to the platform and back onto it the rest of the players prepared themselves. Gargans next attack was able to pierce the Titans armor and do damage. With that the fight had begun.

At first Emperious was slow and used his brute strength. The Players were able to use that to their advantage by keeping 3 of them close to him as targets while the rest used ranged attacks. Emperious is no fool and jumped off the platform. He shed some of his armor and looked like a new creation. This form was a bit slimmer and had magical abilities. Emperious lost his left arm with the change, but gained a cannon in its replace. He points his now cannon for an appendage and fires it at his own throne. The blast was one of the biggest the players have seen yet. Only Sterling, Vivi, and Historia were not hit. The platform still floating, was now in two separate pieces. The players hit by the blast now laid on floor on top of rubble. Historia and Sterling went in for the attack while Vivi revived the rest of the team.

With the team back to life they all charged Emperious. The mad dash from all the players was enough to take him down. The crash from Emperious was massive. His body melted and the players were unable to obtain an armor set from him. At that moment due to their faith and their achievements in battle, the player’s gods/goddess bestowed upon them a portion of their powers. Each one was given a unique and powerful ability that they may use once a day if needed to. With this new power the group now felt like taking on Aetherious would not be such an impossible feat. Once they were done fully comprehending the powers that wer just given to them they see that a back door opened up. They went through it and found a room with dead bodies all over.

In the center of the room was a dagger made of bone. After a few look overs they couldn’t see it to be anything more then just a normal dagger. When sterling picked it up it nicked him and he began to bleed. As he did a demon appeared from the dagger.
“Thank you from releasing me from this prison. Now you will take my place in this dagger for all of eternity.”
The group quickly came to Sterling’s aid and began a new fight with this demon. The players instantly used their new powers when seeing how fast this demon was. Their new powers being used all at once quickly became too much for the demon to handle and was quickly defeated and sent back into the dagger. Vivi quickly though of an idea to use this dagger on an enemy. The demon would then be an ally for some time. If he is the one to get the final blow on the enemy we now know we can take him down as well. So the dagger was given to Krallice due to his expertise in daggers. With only Aetherious now in their way. The players can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but for at least one of them, they wont make it to that light.



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