Aetherius and the Stone

A premature meeting with fate

We last left the players narrowly escaping The Fifth Construct’s laboratory complex as it self destructed. They now find themselves in the doorway to a room filled with crystallized aetherium. The bottom floor was vast and empty with two stairwells on the left and right sides of the room, each sets of stairs that led to a balcony that stretched out to the center of the room. There were two statues depicting constructs against the wall half way up the stairs. A beam of light was being emitted from the statue towards the right directly aimed at a small glowing crystal held in a pedestal atop the center balcony. Hypnotized by the glow of the crystal, Historia began to climb the stairs to reach the orb; Sterling saw that she was distracted by the glow and followed her up. Everyone but Vivi began to explore and search the room. Cautious of touching the Orb herself, Historia sends 2 of her Sprites to fetch it for her. As the rest of the group tries to figure out if anything has changed, Historia and her babies head for the stairs. Now that the orb is in her possession she becomes more aware of her surroundings. She finds a new door that is sealed behind crystals atop the second floor. The group assesses that the crystals are just too strong to break down at the moment so they go to leave the room and the orb disappears from the babies hands as they attempt to leave and the orb returns back to its rightful place upon the pedestal.

Gargan’s interest in the orb has now grown and he has decided to check it out for himself. As Gargen climbs the stairs and walks through the light he is struck with pain. The group hears his reaction, but Vivi assures the others that it is just a normal light. As the others try to pass though the light they are also injured. Urgg-Thrak eventually walks down on the first floor and positions himself under the orb. Gargen tries to push the orb with his shield over the edge to Urgg-Thrak, but as he does so the orb vanishes. A roar louder then any of them have heard shook the room. The players head for the way out, but the door is now covered with the same impenetrable crystals as the door on the second floor. The roof slowly starts to peel back and great mechanical dragon swoops down and blasts party with a powerful electric breath. After that it flies back up and circles over us in the sky. Watching their movements.


The blow was devastating to the group. Everyone took major damage and had to stabilize themselves. After that the group disbursed around the room and prepared for a fight. The dragon lands on the floor and begins to speak to the group. " I am Aetherious, ruler of this realm. Why have you murdered my sons and invaded my realm?" The group tells the truth to Aetherious, although not pleased he seems content with their answer. A few more questions were asked and the players found out that not only was that orb a dragon heart, Aetherious works for Tiamat. He gives them a choice to be a part of his legion of constructs willingly or else he will have to convince them by force. Gargan agrees to join and gets teleported out of the room by the Aetherius. Vivi in a rage screams out for Gargan’s safety. Aetherious teleports her as well. Historia tries to hold down the dragon with vines as one of her babies attack, but her attempts were futile. She was teleported as well.

Just then a Minotaur comes rushing out from under the stairs. With a great feat of strength he was able to push the dragon off his feet and onto his side. Then continued to pelt him with powerful blow after blow. Intrigued by his power Aetherius changes forms and walks up to the Minotaur, and teleports him away. Only 3 remain. Krallice new to the group shows his loyalty to the group and tries to attack the newly formed Aetherius with paralyzing blow darts and hide. The darts were unable to penetrate a forcefield around Aetherius and vaporized before contact could even be made. Krallice thought hiding would be a good idea, but then Aetherius moved the wall behind Krallice closer to him, now face to face Aethrius teleports him away. Sterling has seen the fate of his friends and goes for a hail Mary. After sending everything he had at him, Aetherius attacks Sterling twice piercing through him with his own finger as it bursts through Sterling like a javelin knocking him unconscious. Urgg-Thrak quickly stabilizes Sterling and does minor damage to Aetherius with a combination of healing and standard arrows. But Aetherius then walks up to Sterling on the ground and puts his hand on his face sending Sterling away like the others. With only Urgg-Thrak remaining Aetherius didn’t waste any time. He walked up the stairs and teleported Urgg-Thrak away.




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