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  • Garmol "The Unwavering Khaos"

    Surprisingly as far as Demon lords go, Garmol is relatively reasonable and calm. However, don't let his demeanor fool you, his lust for power, respect, and greed is unmatched. his dwells at the center of the Void , an abyss like dimension between realms. …

  • Dradavex Dwykfarrio

    *Name:* Dwykfarrio *Level:* 23 *Race:* Drow *Class:* Battle Mage *Height:* 5' 11" *Weight:* 180 lb *Deity:* associated with Garmol _Stats_ *Hit Points:* 40 *Strength:* 18 *Intelligence:* 21 *Dexterity:* 12 *Movement speed:* 7 *Armor class …

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