Urzoth Fiendblood

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Name: Urzoth Fiendblood
Level: 20
Race: Tiefling / Orc
Class: Blackguard Paladin
Height: 6’4"
Weight: 240lb
Deity: Talona the Mother of Plagues

Hit Points: 83
Strength: 21
Intelligence: 8
Dexterity: 8
Movement Speed: 6
Movement Mounted: 10
Armor Class: 10 + 6 (Armor) + 4 (Shield) + 7 (Battle Hardened) = 27 [+ 10 (Titan’s Stance)]


Gold: 0


Aetherium Heavy Armor – +6 AC & Player gains 1 additional attack with a Large melee weapon.

Aetherium Tower Shield – +4 AC & While equipped the player takes 5 less damage from all magic attacks.


Aetherium Lance – 2d10 +5 Fire Damage


Loot and other non-combat items goes here


Racial Ability

Infernal Judgment (Level 3) – The player can take damage equal to 1/3 their maximum HP (rounded down) to engulf their weapon in flames. Upon successful contact the effect on the weapon wears off and a fiery explosion deals damage to the target equal to double the damage taken to the player.

Divine Ability

Avatar of Talona – The player has been blessed by the Deity of Poisons and Mother of Plagues Talona for his devotion and heroic feats. (will add later)

Character Abilities

Blood of Talona (Level 5) – The player is immune to poison damage. When the player would be poisoned they instead gain 20 Hit Points and continue to gain 20 Hit Points at the end of every subsequent turn until the end of combat.

Talona’s Blessing (Level 1) – The player’s devotion to Talona imbues any weapon he wields with the ability to inflict poison damage to any foe struck by the weapon. Strikes deal an additional 1 point of poison damage at the end of the afflicted’s turns. This effect lasts until the end of combat or until the target is cured.

Mounted Combat Expertise (Level 5) – The player receives a +8 bonus to attack and damage rolls while mounted and can perform an additional two attacks from a mount.

Battle Hardened (Level 3) – The player receives a +7 bonus to Armor Class.

Aura of Talona (Level 3) – An aura of Dark Magic bestowed by Talona enshrouds the player and Venos. The aura decreases all damage taken by 3 and weapons that come into contact with the user (excluding the player’s and those of allies) are dulled and deal 3 less damage to any target upon subsequent attacks (does not stack).

Summon Venos (Level 3) – Venos is the trusty steed of Talona and through your devotion she allows you to call it forth into the realm of mortals. The prayer to summon Venos takes 24 hours to perform and if Venos is slain in battle the character must wait until the next session to summon him again.

Titan’s Stance (Level 3) – The player remains very still and can only move 3 squares per round. The player receives a +5 bonus to Armor Class. The player gains an attack of opportunity against opponent after he has successfully defended one of their attacks. All enemies that are attacked during this effect are compelled to attack the user. Moving additional squares during a round ends this effect. Can’t be used again if released in the same turn.

Bonus Abilities

Climbing Expertise – +2 on climb checks.


Name: Venos Steed of Talona
Level: None
Race: Lizard
Height: 9’2"
Weight: 643 lb

Hit Points: 300
Strength: 28
Intelligence: 4
Dexterity: 19
Armor Class: 10 + 7 (Battle Hardened) +9 (Dex) +6 (Armor) = 32

Mount Abilities

Blood of Talona (Level 3) – The player cannot be poisoned. When the player would be poisoned they instead gain 5 Hit Points for each initial point of poison and every subsequent round gain 5 Hit Points until the end of combat.

Poison Fangs (Level 3) – Venos’ bite inflicts poison 2d12 damage and inclicts 5 points of ongoing poison damage.

Battle Hardened (Level 3) – The player receives a +7 bonus to Armor Class.

Charge (Level 3) – The player runs through an enemy adding +5 to attack and damage rolls, targets struck are knocked down and take an additional 2d6 trampling damage. Reflex save possible to avoid trampling damage.

Urzoth Fiendblood

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