Player Character - Darren Bonacum




Name: Urgg-Thrak
Level: 20
Race: Orc
Class: Ranger
Height: 6’2’’
Weight: 220 lbs.
Deity: Helskream

Hit Points: 42
Strength: 14
Intelligence: 8
Dexterity: 22
Movement Speed: 6 (30 feet)
Armor Class: 22 (Dexterity) +4 (Armor) +2 (Battle Hardened) = 28


Gold: 3,706

+2 Demonscale Leather Armor with +5 bonus to Hide checks
+4 Aetherium armor set ( allows an additional melee attack)
Nightstalker cloak +2 to hide checks


Masterwork Longbow 2d6 +2 Damage and Attack Roll

Aetherium compound longbow 2D10 +3 Damage

Assassin’s Dagger x11 2d6 damage (Successful Bluff checks against opponents allow for Sneak Attack, easily concealable)

Blowgun 1 damage (Damage is boosted by applying poisons with varying effects)

4D6 spear


11 Elven Healing Arrows (Blessed with magic that heal targets upon contact)

13 Armor Piercing Arrows (bypass a targets Armor Bonus to their Armor Class)

10 Paralyzing Darts (successful contact knocks out most targets after 2 rounds)

4 health potions (Heals 10 HP) 1 Large (Heals 20 HP)

12 blue crystals

5 bottles of liquid Aetherium

2 viles of mysterious serum

worm hide


Racial Ability

Berserker Rage (Level 1) – Dropping below 1/3 max Hit Points sends the player into a violent frenzy. The player receives a +2 bonus to Strength & Dexterity & non-magic based damage received is halved. The effect lasts 2 rounds during which the player must perform an attack every round. After the effect the player cannot attack or perform a Run action during their next turn.

Character Abilities

Keen Eye (Level 1) – The player’s years of training his eyes through tracking foes and prey has led to an improved visual awareness of his surroundings. The player’s vision cannot be impaired except by magical barriers. On all attacks a 19 is treated as a Critical Hit in addition to a 20.

Battle Hardened (Level 1) – Due to heavy scarring the player’s skin has been hardened and adds a natural +2 bonus to Armor Class.

Crippling Shot (Level 1) – The player focuses intensely upon their target firing a devastating blow that halves the target’s movement speed. Additionally, flanked targets are immobilized for 1 turn.

Triple Tap (Level 3) – The player may perform three ranged attacks in a round. Each subsequent successful against the same target grants the player an additional 2 damage.

Hunter’s Focus (Level 3) – The player focuses on a single enemy. The player receives a 3x critical and a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls against the target. If the enemy moves or attacks the player is granted an attack of opportunity. The focus is broken if the player moves, attacks another enemy, or is successfully attacked.

Blood Lust (Level 3) – The player gains a +4 bonus to attack and damage rolls to foes below 50% and an additional +4 bonus to foes below 25% of their max HP.

Bonus Abilities

Climbing Expertise (Level 1) – +2 on climb checks.

Blood of Talona (Level 1) – The player cannot be poisoned. When the player would be poisoned they instead gain 1 Hit Point for each initial point of poison and every subsequent round gain 1 Hit Point until the end of combat.

Black Covenant Training (Level 2) – Intensive training under the Black Covenant has made the player an expert assassin. The player gets a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls with Daggers, Knives, Shuriken, Blow Darts, Slingshots, Bows and Crossbows. The player also gets to add an additional 2d6 points of Sneak Attack damage to all attacks against flanked & flatfooted enemies.


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