Patron Deity of Dragons




Originally the dragons of Ornen worshiped the five Dragon Gods, Treva the embodiment of Light, Valerion the embodiment of Darkness, Dromar the embodiment of Knowledge, Karrthus the embodiment of Strength, and Malfegor the embodiment of Passion. Milenia went by as the dragons lived in relative peace with the humans of Ornen, however this would not last forever. The last king to rule over all of Ornen waged a war against the dragons sending many brave warriors to their deaths but bringing the dragons of Ornen to extinction. When the dragon deities realized what had happened to their followers they felt the only thing they could do was to rid Ornen of the humans that brought genocide to their race. So with that in mind the dragons abandoned their bodies and merged their souls collectively in to one being that would come to be known as Tiamat. Tiamat filled with anguish over the loss of his dragon brethren brought a reign of death upon humanity as punishment for their crimes. The casualties were catastrophic and entire civilizations were reduced to nothing but ruins. Eventually the King of Ornen was able to devise a plan with the archmage of the Elves, the grand shaman of the Orcs, the master smith of the Dwarves, and the great warlock of the Tieflings. Together they were able to defeat Tiamat and seal away the powers of the souls of the five Dragon Gods within crystals each hidden away never to be seen again, although the means by which this was accomplished have since been lost. Tiamat without the power of his souls had no choice but to return to Baalor his infernal plane at the bottom of the 9 Hells.

Thousands of years have since passed since the destruction of the dragons and subsequently Tiamat, so much time that for most of society it had become nothing more than a legend, a tale of the greatness of an ancient human king, known by all and believed by none. However the recent events occurring within the Dwarven capital have lead us to believe that there’s very likely some truth to these legends after all.


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