The First Four

The first constructs created by Aetherius







The First Four are the most powerful constructs other than Aetherius within the Iron Fortress. Each of them is infused with Aetherius’ power to manipulate aetherium which is harnessed within small glowing crystalline shards in the power conduits they protect. Once the aetherium and they keystone has been removed from a power conduit the power is lost to a wing of the Iron Fortress causing the blue lights to shut off and any constructs in that area to become aware of an emergency situation. The keystones are to be used to open the door to Aetherius’ chamber which can only be done when the keystones from all four power conduits are assembled and placed in to the lock. Each of the First Four focuses on a particular style of combat, the fourth son uses a giant war axe and heavy shield, the third son uses a bow and arrows, the second son specializes in magic, and the first son uses his terrifying brute force.

The First Four

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