Taurnos Son of Tirsius One Horn

Player Character - Aneil Persaud



Name: Taurnos Son of Tirsius One Horn
Level: 22
Race: Minotaur
Class: Barbarian
Height: 6’9"
Weight: 305 lbs
Deity: Kraton, Deity War


Hit Points: 56
Strength: 23 + 6 (Belt of Immense Strength) = 29
Intelligence: 6
Dexterity: 8
Movement speed: 6 +2 (Armor) = 8
Armour class: 10 + 0 (Dex Mod) + 5 (Armour) + 12 (Battle Hardened) = 27



+4 Black Covenant Armor +5 Hide Checks
+5 Armor of the Second Son of Aetherius – +2 Movement Speed. Melee attackers receive 1d4 damage. Can wield two-handed weapons with one hand.

4d6 Aetherium Greatscythe
Greatscythe lands critical hits on 17-20 rolls on 1d20
Greatscythe has the ability “vorpel” to decapitate humanoid creatures on natural 20 rolls
2d8 Greataxe +5 damage from forged with aetherium forge
2d6 Horns +2 from upgrade +3 lightning damage
3d12 Trident – Unknown Magical Properties



Racial Ability

Powerful Charge: (Level 3) The player rushes full force in a straight line with weapon in hand and horns pointed forward adding +4 to attack and damage rolls against all targets within the line. The attack hits all enemies within a straight line dealing standard weapon damage and goring them with the player’s horns for an additional 2d6 damage. Targets struck are knocked down but can evade the attack with a dexterity check.

Character Abilities

Great Weapon Expertise (Level 3): The player is an expert in wielding mighty two-handed melee weapons and receives a +4 to attack and damage rolls with them. Critical Hits with Greatweapons deal 3x damage instead of 2x and Critical Hits are obtained with natural 19/20 rolls.

Indomitable Presence (Level 3): The player has a terrifying presence that intimidates those he encounters making them feel insignificant and weak. The player is granted +5 to Intimidation checks. Successfully intimidated opponents receive a -5 to Ability, Skill & Attack rolls.

Ambidexterity (Level 3): The player is equally adept at using either hand. Player takes no penalty for attacking with their off hand in the same turn they have already attacked with their main hand and gains an additional attack with their primary hand during each round of combat.

Battle Hardened (Level 5): The player receives a +12 bonus to Armor Class.

Whirlwind Cleave (Level 3): The player spins around hitting all targets withing melee range twice with each weapon.

Expansive Reach (Level 1): The player’s reach with melee weapons is an additional 5 feet. (1 square)

Blademaster (Level 2): The player is trained heavily in the art of war and due to his great strength can wield two-handed weapons with one hand. The player gains an additional +5 bonus to attack rolls if holding a weapon with both hands.

Dirty Fighting (Level 3): The player receives a +4 bonus to attack and damage rolls against downed enemies. When the player rolls above a natural 15 on an attack roll, if the attack is successful the target is knocked down unless they succeed a strength check greater than 15.

Warrior’s Pride (Level 3): When the player takes damage equal to strength, automatically add +4 to damage rolls and movement speed. The player also does not lose consciousness while bleeding out.

Deity Power

Divine GreatBlades & Armour (Level 5): Once per day, the player meditates on his patron deity Kraton the Aspect of War for a fraction of his power and due to his devotion, is granted his request. Kraton bestows upon the player his 2 greatswords War and Peace as well as his armour

War- 3d12 +4(Great Weapon Expertise Level 3) Fire & Slashing damage. Attacks with this weapon sets enemies ablaze

Peace- 3d12 +4(Great Weapon Expertise Level 3) Light & Slashing damage. This weapon heals the player 50% of damage dealt

Armour of Kraton
+7 to current armour class
+5 to current movement speed
Immune to physical damage

Also sets the player’s horns ablaze dealing 1d6 damage


Taurnos Son of Tirsius One Horn

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