Norian Moonshadow

Archmage of Telgan




Norian Moonshadow is the most powerful mage in all of Telgan and for the last two centuries has been studying all of the information he could get a hold of about Tiamat and the power within the five crystals that sealed away the souls of Bahamut, Valerion, Dromar, Karrthus, and Malfegor the five original dragon deities. Norian was able to find out that anyone whom possesses one of the crystals can tap in to it’s power to temporarily gain some of the powers of the dragon gods themselves. After hearing of the events that occurred in the Dwarven kingdom of Ostrath he sent the players on a request to retrieve the crystal containing the soul of Dromar the embodiment of knowledge from the Kraken’s Beak glacier a mass of ice surrounded by dangerous waterways and frost trolls. It turned out that the Kraken’s Beak glacier was guarded by a weather manipulating kraken, hence it’s name. After having retrieved the crystal the players were able to return it to Norian where he was able to infuse it with Vivi granting her the ability to tap in to Dromar’s soul to increase her magical prowess.

Norian Moonshadow

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