King Wilhelm

King of Eberron




Wilhelm is the 30 year old son of King Halder and his rightful heir to the throne of Eberron. After his fathers death at the hands of the Black Covenant he ascended to his role as King of Eberron. Wilhelm is a rash man without the many years of wisdom his father had. However unlike his father, Wilhelm is holds far less of a grudge against the Elves of Telgan and at least seems more willing to ally with them should a large threat to Ornen present itself. If it wasn’t for his fathers recent death Wilhelm was going to pass the role of heir down to his younger brother and join the King’s Guard in an attempt to feel the thrill of battle, however circumstance would not have that, and he was forced to assume the role of King before he could finish his training and become a full fledged member of the guard. What Wilhelm lacks in a willingness for leadership he more than makes up for with his strategic mind for battle.

King Wilhelm

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