King Halder

Former King of Eberron




King Halder of Eberron (the human capital city in Ornen) was a wise and respected King whom despite his faults and racist beliefs towards the Elves of Telgan did his best to dutifully serve his people. During his reign the player characters tried to save the local shop keepers from a string of burglaries that ended in the players parading gleefully down the streets with the corpses of two dead Halflings, which promptly lead to their arrest and subsequent banishment from Eberron. This would only prove to become a greater issue when the potential reemergence of Tiamat reared its ugly head. The players left with few other options other than to seek assistance from the Black Covenant, a shady organization of assassins. The Black Covenant was hired and their mission was to assassinate King Halder such that the players could safely return to Eberron and inform the new King, Halder’s son Wilhelm of the gravity of the oncoming threat of Tiamat.

King Halder

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