Demon Lord of the Screaming Jungle




Demogorgon is the vicious demon lord of the Screaming Jungle, the 17th layer of the Abyss. His plane is covered in a thick rain forest of red vegetation and enormous demonic beasts. The Screaming Jungle, however, despite being one of the most likely places for a person to get eaten in the multiverse, was invaded by the Black Covenant. Abraxus, being a higher ranking Demon Lord than Demogorgon was able to set up a barrier around the Gaping Maw, the massive lake at the center of the Screaming Jungle. It was in the center of the Gaping Maw that Abraxus set up a training grounds for the Black Covenant in the tower that Demogorgon once ruled from. Demogorgon was left to wander the jungle infuriated unable to return to his thrown, which is where the players eventually would run in to him during their mission to rescue Urgg-Thrak. Demogorgon would however be defeated by the players, however being a Demon Lord he is kept immortal by an unknown being and was able to regain his form several hours later. This reformation would happen to occur only slightly before Abraxus was defeated by the players allowing Demogorgon and a horde of demonic beasts to come rushing towards his tower, leaving the players no option other than to leave the plane via the closest Abyss Portal, leading them to the Iron Fortress.


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