Davice Balor

High Priest of the Church of Talona on Beranta




Davice is the high priest of the church of Talona on the island of Beranta. Despite his old age Davice is in impeccable physical condition and in addition to his maintenance of the church he also organizes an underground bare-knuckle fighting ring in the basement area of the church where patrons bet on and partake in brutal fights. Davice is also a master alchemist capable of crafting exceptionally varied potions and poisons, along with being a highly skilled cleric in the heat of battle. He assisted the players in their quest to contact the Black Covenant in order to assassinate King Halder of Eberron, however this didn’t work out quite as planned as the players didn’t ask Davice of much information and ended up losing Urgg-Thrak to the Black Covenant in exchange for the services of the mysterious assassins.

Davice Balor

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