Deity of Spite, Revenge and Desire




After the old war with Tiamat many different races began to pray Cortza. Watching those who live their lives for revenge, out of spite, or taking what their hearts desire; She has allowed for their actions to give them peace of mind and the closure that they need. She once fell in love with her strongest follower. Granting him powers beyond any normal being, he was on his way to becoming immortal. As strong as he was, he was also arrogant. Found himself in a dual with a sword mage. Taken down with fancy tricks Cortza swore her revenge on the mage. Looking for a new warrior within her followers seemed to be more daunting of a task then she first perceived. She began looking else where for her warrior.

She came across an elf couple who were preparing for their first child’s birth. Using her powers of insight she saw the secrets that each one of them held. She kept looking in other places, but kept an eye on that particular family. After a few years have passed all of her attention was on that family and their child. The child is a mix of elf and human and the mother knows it. The rest of the world doesn’t yet, but they will soon. At first it might have looked like the baby could have been more elf then human. Although the size of the baby seemed to be more human like then elf, when taken outside around nature he seemed to be more comfortable. After she realized that he may live his life undetected she intervened. She sent shadows to the boy at night. They would go in his ear and block the great oak from talking to him.

This weakened the elf blood that ran through his veins, and allowed the human blood to replace the ones that were damaged. Soon his hair grew darker and became more predominate on his body. The only elven qualities that seemed to stay with the boy was his ears and his silver eyes. As more time went on the boy became the harbinger of everything she stood for. He lives in spite of his elven father’s wishes and what the rest of the elfs think of him. He lives his life for revenge. Revenge against his real father for abandoning them, and for the crimes his elevn father committed. His desire is the only reason he stayed alive for 3 grueling weeks outside, wandering the mountain side.

She took him under her wing and showed him the way to a sanctuary. There he met other followers and honed in on his training. She even blessed him with an ability that only Sword mage’s know. A trick she had picked up watching his real father fight her warrior/lover. Her plan has been put into motion. Her new warrior roams the land in her name. Growing stronger everyday and preparing for the day when he can join her side.


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