Burzum Darkthrone

King of the Drow Elves




Burzum Darkthrone is the King of the remaining Drow Elves that live hidden away in the ruins of the old Drow kingdom in the Bloodstained Mire. The Drow were once one of the great kingdoms of Ornen, prosperous and powerful, however for reasons lost to time they were thought to have been extinguished from the world, perhaps by Tiamat, but no one is truly certain. As it turns out, like the Tieflings, the other race of Ornen that was tricked by the demons in to having a vile appearance, the Drow worshiped Talona the deity of poisons and disease which is made obvious by the fact that Burzum and the remaining Drow serve to protect Talona when the players encounter her in the heart of one of the great citadels in the Bloodstained Mire. Little is known of Burzum Darkthrone and his people as of now other than they are less extinct than history would lead one to believe.

Burzum Darkthrone

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