Agalloch Stellavore

Necromancer and Drow Historian




Agalloch is perhaps the only Drow elf in centuries to have lived outside of the Bloodstained Mire. As an infant he was found within the swamplands by a group of Elves from Telgan searching for alchemical ingredients for their shop when they came across the young Agalloch, unsure of his origin but not wanting to leave an infant child in the dangerous swamp unattended they brought him back home with them and raised him as their son. As an adult Agalloch was always curious of his origins and as such devoted himself to the history of the Drow people and the art of necromancy hoping to one day revive the body and soul of another Drow such that he could finally feel as though he belonged. Agalloch was encountered by the party within the Bloodstained Mire being chased by a horde of Drow zombies raised by Agalloch. After defeating the zombies Agalloch ventured forth with the players in to the heart of a large citadel within the Bloodstained Mire where eventually the players would encounter a small group of living Drow elves and the deity of poisons herself Talona. The players received the Egg of Talona from Talona and Agalloch together with Davice Balor together were able to tap in to it’s power to create a portal to the abyssal plane of the Screaming Jungle such that the players could retrieve Urgg Thrak from the Black Covenant.

Agalloch Stellavore

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