Demon Lord of Death's Reward and leader of the Black Covenant




Abraxus is a powerful and very old shadow demon that reigns over the 643rd layer of the Abyss, known only as Death’s Reward possibly for all of the riches the Black Covenant has hoarded over the years through their assassinations of powerful figures throughout history. However recently Abraxus and his covenant has ventured to the 17th layer of the Abyss the Screaming Jungle to briefly oversee the training of new recruits within the confines of their fortress within the Wurm’s Tongue mountain found within the center of the Gaping Maw a massive lake of red water surrounded by a jagged mountain range. A Demon Lord such as Abraxus can only be slain permanently while outside of their home plane so this is a rare opportunity, however being from such a deep layer of the Abyss there’s no telling what secrets Abraxus has yet to reveal.


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