Out of the frying pan and into the fire

Can the jailbirds take down Static Shock?

After a run in with Aetherious himself the players find themselves locked away behind bars. Due to Gargan being a construct himself they did not put him in a cell, but chained his hands and legs to a wall. The trip seemed to hit Sterlng an Urgg hard because both were knocked out cold. Some of the players stared at the giant Minotaur that helped them against the fight with Aetherious. many were impressed with his strength, but taken back as to how little he knew about where he was or even where he came from. Krallice explained how he wound up with the party. He talked about how merciful they were with him. Unimpressed with mercy he spat at Krallice. Sterling and Urgg finally awake to hear the group trying to convince Taurnos to join. Gargan simply states “We don’t need him. He will just slow us down.” Enraged by his comment Taurnos pledged his allegiance to the party and decided to go with them.

During the conversation Gargan continuously tried to escape from his chains. The others tried their bars but saw that Gargan was their only hope. As he breaks free and alarm goes off. 7 scientists fill the room all ready to take down the escaped player. They used jet guns like before and tried to inject Gargen with different types of serums. Wanting to show off his dominance as the tank of the group took down all 7 scientists with ease. Vivi spots the key on the scientists for the cell doors. Gargan frees the party and wakes up Sterling and Urgg by force. The group examines the room once more over and then looks at their map. They leave the room only to see the secound construct, static shock.Warforged_Mage.jpg

He heard the noise made by the fight and came to fix it personally. When he saw that the players have escaped he gave them an ultimatum. Either go back into the cells or die. Gargan tried to play it off as he was on their side again but static saw right through it. Without any other options the group started the fight with Static. Things didn’t start off going well for the players. A tube of blue glowing aetherium came out of the ground and protected static with a blue aurora. It protected him from every attack the players used and threw it right back at them. Vivi was the one who notice it and continued to heal the players. Static realized that and went to attack her. He put his hand on her head and placed a mark on her forehead. She went to heal Sterling, but instead healed static of whatever little damage the players had done. Angry at the world Gargan tried to destroy the tube with the aetherium in it. His punches did very little but the rest of the players continued. Taurnos did the most damage to the tube and cracked it. The players can now see a faint glimmer of hope, but is soon taken away. Static unleashes a lightning wave engulfing the majority of the players. Leaving only Historia, Vivi, and Sterling standing after the blow. The aetherium tank was destroyed in the processes. leaving the players soaked in it.

After the attack it seemed as if Static powered down and wasn’t able to move. Vivi prays to her god in hopes of some miracle. Vivi was answered. A mighty Ice wave came from the sky and hit static hard. All the aetherium on the floor froze and became icy. Sterling spent his time reviving players as did Vivi. As Static became functional agian, Historia tried her best to attack him and keep him off the other two. With the help of STerling’s floating sword they were able to distract him long enough to get the team back up. Azula went in charging but was quickly cut back down. He made it personal and continued to attack her bringing her closer to death. Urgg charged in to help her even though he could barley stand on his own two legs alone. He quickly went back down as well. Sterling kept his sword on static, making sure that he always had something on him. While he continued to stabilize his teammates.

It came down to a test of endurance. Vivi was able to continuously bring back Taurnos and Urgg and allowed them to do the damage needed. While sterling and Historia caused enough distraction and chaos for him. With him now gone only 1 more brother remains. The iron fortress has taken it’s tole on the players and has proven to be their most difficult challenge yet. What lies ahead I’m afraid, will only be worse.

Vivi was MVP of the session



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